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The depths of Paragraphs

Ivica Puljic (pivica)
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Development, Site Building, Content
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Regular (45 min)
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Most people see Paragraphs as a very popular module for powerful content creation. Usually site admins will use paragraphs to create complex content units for building complex pages (by composing various Drupal fields in independent content units). However, from Drupal 8 release Paragraphs are much more than that. New version of Paragraphs brings some awesome new features like new form widget and library support. Additionally companion paragraphs_collection contrib module add features like:

  • Style plugin system for paragraphs
  • Layout plugin system for paragraphs
  • Lockable plugin for paragraphs
  • Language visibility plugin for paragraphs

All this makes paragraphs a complete system for not only content creation but also managing its look (style) and layout (grid, etc).

In this session we will show you how to set up your paragraphs with styles and layouts and also show you how easy it is to develop your own custom paragraph styles and layouts.

Additionally we will explore the Layout Paragraphs contrib module that uses built in core Layout support to add layout support to paragraphs.

All this should allow you to develop internal styles and layouts that you can reuse across your projects. Hopefully we will bring you closer to all advanced paragraph options so you can start using it in your next project.