Drupal Mountain Camp is organized by a group of Drupalists from all over Switzerland.

We are always looking for help. If you are interested in helping out, join our team of volunteers.

  • Susanne Perreijn
    Co-Team Lead
  • Mathilde Dumond (mathilde_dumond)
    Co-Team Lead
  • Josef Kruckenberg (dasjo)
    Co-Team Lead
  • Miro Dietiker (miro_dietiker)
    Sponsoring Lead
  • Ursin Cola (cola)
    Logistics Lead
  • Daniel Lemon (dan2k3k4)
    Website Lead
  • David Pacassi Torrico (dpacassi)
    Program Lead
  • Floris van Geel (idevit)
    Marketing Lead
  • Kevin Wenger (wengerk)
    Contribution Lead