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Workshop: Open-Source Deployments, From Soup to Nuts

Christopher Torgalson
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Designing an Automated Drupal Deployment Pipeline with Open Source Tools

Deciding to automate code deployment is a no-brainer. Deciding _how_ to deploy code is more difficult. There are an ever-increasing number of continuous integration and continuous deployment services to choose from. It can be difficult to select from the available tools and to design a pipeline that's safe, robust, reliable. maintainable, and non-proprietary. The goal of this session is to demonstrate how such a pipeline can be built, and to help attendees understand the pros and cons of doing it yourself.

We will use Drupal 8, Composer, Nodejs, Ansible, and Gitlab to look into:

  • What to deploy,
  • When to deploy,
  • How to do it,
  • How to un-do it,
  • Best practices,
  • Problems,
  • Pros and cons of the DIY approach.

Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how to combine some leading open-source to build a deployment pipeline that's both usable, and that can be precisely tailored to your specific projects.