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Workshop: Drupal and Gatsby, the great workflow

David Corbacho Roman, Mario Vercellotti
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Workshop (2h)
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This session will cover why and how to fully decouple Drupal with Gatsby, an open source modern frontend framework that will empower frontend developers to build incredibly fast and interactive websites using React and GraphQL, without losing key benefits that Drupal provides like content modeling.

Gatsby, as a generator, provides a very flexible architecture that can adapt to multiple data sources. After fetching all the data needed, it will generate the most performant React site possible with built-in optimized Webpack configurations, server-side-rendered content, accessible Reach router, smart image loading techniques, etc. 

Gatsby simplicity can be deceptive and make you believe that is meant for small static markdown brochure sites. But the truth is that Gatsby is only limited by the quality of the data that it pulls. We want to highlight in this session how Drupal is the perfect companion to feed data to Gatsby. Drupal can provide Gatsby the best-in-class structured data, taxonomies, i18n path aliases and multilingual content via the JSON API module.

But it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. After covering the basics, we will go through the hard parts: the gaps in this decoupled architecture that we, at Wunder, have found. And the solutions we developed for our customers and content editors, for example, to alleviate the inherited publishing delay that this new workflow suffers or providing search functionality with Elastic Search.

Join us if you want to discover the ins and outs of how Drupal and Gatsby ecosystem complement each other.