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Workshop: Contribute - First-Time Sprinting

Milos Bovan (kick-off), All area leads, +many mentors
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Extended (2h)
Coding & Development
Site Building
Community, Education & Research
Agile, PM & Processes
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Learn the basics of contributing to Drupal.

If you don't know this Contribution / Sprinting thing, or seek close mentoring to getting started, this is for you!

In a brief kick-off (Milos Bovan), we will guide you through the basic tools we are working with and common processes of collaboration.

Everyone can contribute

It's not just about code. Here are a few types of contribution:

  • Issue queue moderation
  • Writing documentation
  • Testing modules
  • Writing reviews
  • Creating UI mockups for better UX
  • Organise events / local group
  • (and virtually anything...)

Leads of specific contribution areas are invited to present their area in 5min each.

Bring your machine. For coders, preferrably setup with a working development environment (Apache, PHP, MySQL) and a great IDE (recommended PHPStorm, there's a trial license).

This is a workshop

You'll get your hands dirty after a few mins kick-off with the best mentors coaching you on demand.

We'll maintain a collection of issues for the sprint for getting started. Or bring your own issue.

Signup appreciated

Signup is not a requirement, we still would love to know more about you.

Just add your name to the list on our google spreadsheet (link)!