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Workshop: Build Your Own Agile

Steve Holyer
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Business, Development, Agile (level is all three actually)
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Long (4h)
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In this workshop you'll learn how to design and build your own Agile practice withinyour enterprise, agency, or team.*

After this workshop you'll know that you don't have to settle for Agile Software Development that's just, kind-of "good enough."

My Story for the Workshop

10 years ago I literally begged an Agile Web Development Agency to hire me.

I was a developer, and the job at the at the time was torture on top of cruel and unusual punishment heaped over something really awful. I realised Agile practices could change everything. And I knew that this Agency could help me learn the best in Agile Software Development.

That agency hired me! And, Agile practice did make all the difference. Our team got "into the flow" when Agile mastery allowed us to make an impact and create change while we delivered to our customers. I would do almost anything to work with a team like that again.

Today, I coach companies mastering Agile Software Development because they want see great returns on their investments.

I also work with people who want to have an impact and make the world better through their software development work.

Unfortunately, many of these companies — and many of the people working in them — have settled for something they call "agile" but it has virtually no impact, Their software development and delivery practices are just barely "good enough".

Many Drupal development groups tell me they build their own Agile. That's why we'll do exactly that in this workshop.

About the Workshop

You won't master Agile Practice in four hours, but you'll learn how to master the Agile practices that will have an impact, and you'll learn how to master them in a way that creates results for your team**.

We'll work with a model of "getting into the flow" created by leading Agile practitioners who observed 100s (even 1000s) of diverse Agile teams. We saw that teams that "get into the flow" follow their own path but travel a common route. We can map that together.

Understanding this will l help you build your own Agile that works.

This workshop will depend on a diverse group of participants across business, project management, and development. We also hope for participants across the range of experience from curious beginners to experienced Agile Product Developers.


  • 1st Hour - Welcome to the workshop, we'll use Open Space principles to bring everyone to a level playing field for the rest of the workshop

  • 2nd Hour - We will Learn Continuous Improvement by "Doing It". Good Agile Retrospectives are required to build Agile. We will use the Retrospective Framework from Derby and Larsen to examine the complex domain where the workshop finds itself.

  • 3rd and 4th Hour - We will use Fluency Design to understand Agile Practices, you'lll chart  the development of fluent mastery and you'll build your own Agile in a fun simulation game (which I can almost guarantee you've never played before).

* Please note that great Agile requires investment from "business" and "development."

** Please also note that putting this into practice after the workshop is hard work.