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Value of mentorship in the community

Hussain Abbas (hussainweb)
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Regular (45 min)
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Drupal is a freely available open-source software. This is what allows you to use Drupal, which is the work of thousands of contributors worldwide, for your websites and applications. Drupal is now used on over a million websites, and so can you, for free.

But what does free mean? The tragedy of commons tells us how massive amounts of infrastructure which were built for the public good saw their decline as they were not maintained. The Drupal community is responsible for maintaining the software; the community starts with you.

Probably the most important way to support any community is mentorship. The Drupal community has defined a structure around mentorship which is not common in the open source world. You’ll learn why mentorship is important and how it can benefit you in the community and in your life–personal and professional. You’ll also learn why having a mentor is important and what you can expect out of it. Overall, you’ll learn how to be a valuable member of the community.