Proposed Session

Unlock the potential of accessibility

Miro Dietiker, Josua Muheim
Proposed Track(s)
Business, Community
Level of expertise
Session Type
Regular (45 min)

Miro will introduce accessibility which is often misunderstood as a complex and expensive additional requirement of government projects to allow participation of (the few) disabled people.

Fact is though, it creates additional values for all of us, because we all experience situations that limit our abilities - at least to a certain extent. We will look at many examples that will allow us to define accessibility as an objective key criteria to achieve proper user centricity with convenient usability.

Businesses simply can’t afford to release inaccessible solutions beyond early prototypes. Start-ups especially know that a frustrated user hardly cannot be recovered.

Joshua will provide technical background with a demo:

HTML is the foundation of any website, and if applied according to its intention (ie. in a semantic way), accessibility just works out of the box. Using a screen reader, I will provide live demos of some website elements, where the importance of semantics can be experienced directly. In conclusion, it will then be obvious to the audience that correct HTML usage makes life a lot easier for developers, too.

Miro will identify reasons why so many Swiss projects still are not accessible - despite the ratification of the UN disability convention - and how to change that in the future.

We will showcase a few impressive projects that show us ways to do accessibility right. There’s a lot to steal - err learn from.

Finally we will discuss our challenge:
Would you commit to always guarantee the accessibility of your projects delivered?
We do and we think it’s time to release a manifesto with a supporter directory.
Let’s talk about how we can bring Accessibility to the mainstream.


Miro Dietiker - Founder & strategy at MD Systems GmbH

Miro is convinced that open technologies are the only way to overcome the great challenges of our time. He founded MD Systems GmbH ( as a leader in Open Source and is committed to universally accessible technology so that disadvantaged people can also participate in society. His interest in accessibility was sparked in 2009 when he participated in the EU research program AAL (Active Assisted Living) in the project TAO (Third Age Online).

Josua Muheim - Accessibility Engineer at Nothing AG

Joshua is an experienced full-stack web developer and has been designing websites professionally for 15+ years. In 2014 he started working at «Access for all» (, the Swiss foundation for the use of technology for people with disabilities, where he was part of an inclusive team and I initiated the "Accessibility Developer Guide" ( Since 2021 he has been working for Nothing AG ( in Bern, where he has the mandate to drive accessibility both within the organization and in the projects.