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Translation Management Tool - current status and its future

Saša Nikolič (sasanikolic)
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Regular (45 min)
Business & Showcases
Coding & Development
Frontend & Design
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Big changes were made for translation in Drupal 8, but there are still some gaps and limitations. To cover them, the Translation Management Tool module (TMGMT) was ported from Drupal 7 and significantly improved. It provides a great toolset for translating content from different sources. The translation can be done by people or translation services of all kinds. It builds on and uses existing language tools and data structures in Drupal and can be used in automated workflow scenarios.

My contribution to TMGMT involved writing documentation, developing a demo module, connecting it with the Paragraphs module, implementing various translation service providers, other than fixing smaller issues and writing tests.

In this talk, you will learn about:

  • what TMGMT is
  • general TMGMT architecture
  • its features and improvements to D7
  • currently supported translation service providers
  • how to set it up
  • the translation lifecycle
  • more about the Local Translator as a submodule and its future plans

After introducing TMGMT, the main focus of this talk will be on the Local Translator submodule. I will present our current and future improvements for it in order to make it a professional CAT tool. At the end, I will show a demo of my contribution for the Google Summer of Code 2016/Master thesis project, which is based on custom CKEditor plugins for TMGMT.