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NP8 a Drupal 8 Project from alpha to final release

Tom Schneider
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Regular (45 min)
Business & Showcases
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I will talk about our experiences with the NP8 Project, how it was at the beginning and where it is now.

Here are some key points:

  • why we chose Drupal 8
  • our experience with D8 at the beginning of the Project
  • Help from the Community
  • Core Developer
  • Ups and downs
  • our experience with D8 now
  • Plans for the Future

About NP8

NP8 is a solution for Newsportals based on Drupal 8. It is already used from several Media Companies like:,,,, et cetera. We founded a Club called „Medien Commons Verein“ which can be joined by the owners of a NP8 Project. The idea of the Club is to push the NP8 Project forward and maintain its Core.
We started the NP8 Project in the first quarter of 2014, when Drupal 8 was not even in the beta release. This was a risky decision for us, but we are still satisfied with it. This talk is about the whole journey of the Project from the beginning till now, our experiences with D8 and such a big Project. And I will show you the idea of the "Medien Commons Verein" an how it works.

About me

I started at Somedia Productions as a Programmer for Drupal, after that I switched the job and became the Project Manager for the NP8 Project for 2 years. Now I am responsible for our own website