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Mob Programming: An interactive session

Dan Lemon
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Regular (45 min)
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In this session, we'll learn about Mob programming:

  • What is Mob Programming?
  • What are the benefits to a team?
  • How could this be potentially integrated into your current workflow
  • The disadvantages to Mob Programming and why it might not work for certain types of companies (such as a web agency).

The basic concept of mob programming is simple: the entire team works as a team together on one task at the time. That is: one team – one (active) keyboard – one screen (projector of course). It’s just like doing full-team pair programming.

We'll start with a short overview of Mob programming, then we'll need 5 volunteers to participate in our interactive Mob session in which we will develop a feature together and if all goes well, we'll even deploy it to production!

Hi, I'm Dan Lemon, and I've run a couple mob programming sessions within Amazee Labs, and these were positively received. We learnt a lot together, shared a lot of knowledge, and most importantly we had a lot of fun. My aim is to share this experience with you.