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Migration is hard, but it works

Christophe Galli
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Regular (45 min)
Coding & Development
Site Building
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So, it's time to move your site to Drupal 8. The contrib ecosystem has evolved enough to cover the functionality you need in your new site. Perfect! But what about the data? There is no official upgrade path anymore to move it over. 

The migration modules come in for the rescue. With them, you can transfer any data into a Drupal 8 site, be it from D6 or D7 or from external sources. But, as with any powerful technical tool, it takes some effort to understand.


In this session I will look into:


  • The main tools for migration
  • Connecting the sites
  • What can be migrated?
  • Migration configurations
  • Migrating advanced content elements (references)
  • The development process
  • The migrating loop


All the steps will be demonstrated live during the session.