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A learning group to get started with Drupal

Miro Dietiker, Ursin Cola
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Workshop (2h)
Community, Education & Research
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In the past few years, multiple agencies have hired people new to Drupal introduced them to the topic. Just recently, we also have multiple newcomers and the need to have a nice collection of learning resources for getting started.

"Learning Drupal" is a very wide topic, and sometimes it's about gaining fundamental knowledge of git, bash and many other tools first.

It's a pity that every agency does their own research to identify valuable learning resources. We want to change that.

The idea is to start with two components:

* An open respository to collect and curate learning topics and recommended sources and tools about all required knowledge. A perfect structure would be modular, based on the learners' intended roles / profile at work.

* A learning group to regularly meet and present about tools and recommendations or simply presenting things they learned.

The idea is that this format fits into the "Lehrplan" of related apprentiships and is organised during business hours as an essential part of the learners' journey. Once the basic methods are defined, the ownership of this learning group is transferred to apprentices for self-organization, with availability of informal coaches and also formal apprentice supervisors integrated in the setup.

The goal is to develop the initial structure of the learning group ready to get started.

Do you want to join? Individuals and company representatives are welcome

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