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Introduction to using Cypress for website testing

Mathilde Dumond
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Lightning talk (15min)
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Testing websites is a key step in ensuring that they behave correctly and are not broken.
It can be highly time-consuming, and many strategies have been developed to automatically test websites.

Cypress is a relatively new solution that has recently seen more widespread use as an automatic tests framework. We have developed tests in Cypress for two clients, and would like to give an introduction to the framework.

Cypress is quite user friendly: it is easily installed through npm, and a UI can be opened and the tests launched graphically. The tests can be watched running in a browser window, and once the test is over, it is possible to go through all the steps of the test again, to debug and analyse.
It is also possible to access the variables stored at any moment of the test, even once the test is over, allowing for a much simpler debugging process.
While the UI can be very useful to write and debug tests, it is also possible to run the tests headless, and as part of a Continuous Integration pipeline.

We hope with this presentation to provide an introduction to one of the many tools and frameworks to automatically test implementations.