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Entity Browser and getting off the local storage

Primoz Hmeljak (Primsi), Janez Urevc (slashrsm)
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Regular (45 min)
Coding & Development
Site Building
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Entity Browser is a central piece of the modular Drupal 8 Media ecosystem. It functions as a hub between the entities that we want to include and the content where we want to place them. Media assets are the most common use case here but not the only one.

One of the nicest things about Entity Browser it’s that it doesn’t assume neither the “what are we adding” neither the “where are we adding it”. This allows us to extend it in both directions, which means that it not only offers a unified media management experience, but because of it’s plugins, it’s possible to seamlessly integrate it with external media management systems too.

In practice this means that besides browsing local files or uploading new files, it’s possible to browse, fetch and/or deliver from remote services such as Digital Access Management (DAM) systems or stock photo providers. While still having a consistent user experience.

In this session we are going to look at existing solutions for local media assets, the status of the Media in core initiative and take a closer look at the Woodwing Elvis and Bynder DAM integrations.