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Enrich your Paragraphs workflow with features you didn’t know about

Milos Bovan
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Development, Site building
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Short (15min)
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Paragraphs module is one of the most used Drupal 8 contrib modules when it comes to content creation. The module offers many powerful, but not well-known features that can significantly boost content creation experience.

By working and maintaining the Paragraphs module on a daily basis, we are getting many questions about how to optimize the content creation workflow.

In this presentation I am going to answer some of the most frequently asked How-To questions when working with Paragraphs:

  1. How to apply different styles to the same paragraph type? (Hint: Behavior plugins)
  2. How to reuse paragraphs and place them through a library?
  3. How to use Drag&Drop mode to better organize my paragraphs?
  4. How to extend paragraphs operations and convert one into a different type?
  5. How to organize my long list of paragraphs types?
  6. How to properly enable Paragraphs translations?
  7. How to configure my Content Moderation publishing workflow and Paragraphs?
  8. Extra: Future plans?