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Drupal Community Building & Collaboration

Miro Dietiker
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Regular (45 min)
Community, Education & Research

During the pandemic, the Drupal DACH group was created and a few joint presentations were held. This allowed for some ongoing activity while we didn't continue with our own previous interval in Switzerland.

While the Drupal DACH meetup focuses on german presentations, we also have our french and italian speaking part in Switzerland and connections to further neighbor countries like France, Italy and more.

We could setup either a Panel discussion about fostering collaboration between the communities for more hybrid formats with more engagement, content of higher quality or more diversity.

And there are other web development and event communities that we can collaborate with.

If their community leads can't be with us in person, we can also add them remotely for the discussion.

Let's have a moderated panel discussion or an open community workshop to maximise the momentum of our community beyond the curse of Corona.

Miro: I added my name as one of the possible speakers, but the format of this session and invited speakers can be shaped freely to fit the event organizers preference. Based on the project team feedback i can also start invite other community leads.