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Drupal and Android through REST: Quick integration

John Choque (yongt9412)
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REST, Multi platform
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Regular (45 min)
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REST in Drupal is getting more advocates everyday. There are some awesome modules that can help us achieve a great communication between the server and the client. However, integrating it with a native Android application might feel tricky as there are no much documentation for that implementation.

This talk aims to explain the implementation of the basic communication between a Drupal 8 installation with a client in Android using the library Retrofit. And it will cover the following topics:

  • Setting up the Drupal REST modules.
  • Setting up the Android app that will allow the user to login, logout and insert of nodes while keeping the session open.
  • Explanation of the library used in Android.
  • Do’s and Don’ts when creating the implementation.
  • Common problems when integrating with Android.
  • Old examples of previous approaches and existing libraries.