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Decoupled Drupal with ReactJS and Alexa

Vincenzo Gambino
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Regular (45 min)
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Level of knowledge of attendees: Intermediate with an understanding of how RESTful Service works.


This session aims to teach attendees how to use a Drupal application as a base to spread content to different targets.
The first target will be an embedded React app within a Drupal theme. React will retrieve content from Drupal and show it in a more fancy and dynamic way. This integration will speed up site performances and will serve a better user experience.

The second target is a headless application: Alexa Skill. As per the embedded React app, Alexa will retrieve content from our Drupal application. This integration will be a huge step up regarding site accessibility by performing actions through voice commands.

The session will start with an introduction to the decoupled and headless methods.
I will show how to add a ReactJS app into a Drupal 9 theme and create the first ReactJS component. After that, I will give an introduction to Drupal JSON:API module and configure it.
After that, we can create our first React Component that will get content from the Drupal endpoints.

The second part of the session will introduce the attendee to the virtual assistant world. I will show how to create an Alexa Skill, add the intent, and use a Lambda function, it will retrieve content from Drupal.

You will be surprised at how easy these integrations are! Both integrations are easy to create and easy to manage.

At the end of the session the attendee will know how to create the main parts of the integrations:

  • Decoupled React
    • Embed React into a Drupal Theme
    • Retrieve content from Drupal
  • Alexa Skill
    • Create an Alexa skill
    • Retrieve data from Drupal