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Decoding multi-site management: Digital transformation discovery for legacy multisites

Vivek Radhakrishnan, Sujatha Varadharajan
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Regular (45 min)
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While digital transformation is not a new term for most, it certainly means a big change when a legacy organization in the highly regulated insurance domain, with more than 200 microsites adopts it. 


Each time digital transformation takes place, the objectives are similar - scalability, ease of maintenance, social integrations, configurability, automation. Apply this to an insurance service provider and it translates into the ability to manage and maintain hundreds of websites while improving the enrollment adoption and experience.


To achieve these objectives we had to peel back several layers of the legacy system and conduct deep-dive sessions. We explored in depth together with this large stakeholder group that leveraged Drupal to bring in CMS capabilities and a robust multi-site management system. This system would replace their legacy system that not only required extensive manual intervention but also had issues with maintenance, caching, and overall user experience.


Our version of “Prepared Chaos” (Preparation that anticipates chaos, navigates the chaos and brings out clarity) style remote discovery is an exploratory and agile process that is aimed at unearthing requirements and deep-diving into the nuances of each requirement. This constitutes: 

  1. The Doers - Discovery team that is responsible for the success of the Discovery
  2. The Preparation - Planning and Prep for each remote session, each communication and phase of the engagement.
  3. In-session and post-session analysis and documentation


This session is for product owners, digital managers, tech leads, architects, and QA stakeholders who take an active part in the discovery phase. Participants will get the most of this session by being familiar with Agile development methodologies and the Software Development Cycle. 


By the end of the session, participants will be able to apply these processes in their respective Agile Drupal development projects and develop digital solutions that are tailored to the customer’s requirements.