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Better looking Drupal Forms

Ivica Puljic (pivica)
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Development, Theming
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Regular (45 min)
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Forms are hard. They are hard to build and hard to use. End users usually struggle with complex forms, multi page forms, complex search forms (etc). But building forms that are simple (as much as possible) and accessible to end users is just part of the story, your form also needs to look good. We do not make forms to look good just so they are beautiful to our eyes, good looking forms are also important for our user experience.

In this session we will show our solutions for forms theming:

  • How we use Bootstrap as a base of our form elements theming
  • Using internal base theme and contributed bs_base theme for easy change of form elements look
  • Developing 3 major form element styles (based on Google Material guidelines) and how to easily change them per client project needs
  • Discuss some general design rules for better looking and more usable forms.

Discussed principals are not limited to Bootstrap (or any other CSS framework) and are universally applicable to all themes development.