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Backdrop CMS: A viable option for your Drupal 7 upgrade

Eric Toupin
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Development, Site building, Other
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Regular (45 min)
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This session will discuss Backdrop CMS as a viable, secure, and innovative tool in the Drupal family of software solutions. It will demonstrate, using a recent case study of two Stanford University application management platforms ( and, how large scale, complex digital platforms built on Drupal 7 can be successfully upgraded to Backdrop CMS in the right circumstances — at a fraction of rebuild costs incurred with other upgrade paths.

Whether as a stop-gap measure or a longterm solution, Backdrop CMS can ease the transition pressure for organizations struggling with alternative Drupal 7 upgrade paths. It can resolve EOL issues with both Drupal 7 and PHP 7.x, and introduces a variety of modern features that can significantly improve platform performance and ease-of-use compared with Drupal 7.

With countless websites still using Drupal 7 and many struggling with an ever-closer obligatory upgrade, Backdrop CMS can soften the transition and broaden horizons for Drupal users everywhere.