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Automation Worst Practices

Christopher Torgalson
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Regular (45 min)
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Web site and application development is becoming increasingly reliant on automation for builds and deployments. This is a wonderful development, but it doesn't mean we always get it right. Since anything can be automated, it's completely possible to use automation to subvert best practices faster and more effectively than ever before. The goal of this session is to help developers find and eliminate poor automation practices.

We'll use Drupal and Ansible-oriented examples to learn about:

  • how to identify some common automation worst-practices,
  • why (and how) these happen,
  • how (and why) to avoid them.

You'll leave ready to recognize and replace these anti-patterns in your automated tasks, builds, and deployments. Suitable for anyone responsible for automated Drupal builds or deployments, and some acquaintance with Ansible.