24th September 2022

This was Drupal Mountain Camp 2022

Drupal Mountain Camp brought together visitors from Europe and beyond to Davos, Switzerland for the third time. 2022, the team was glad to be able to host an in-person event again, this time with a twist: instead of fun in the snow, we met for an adventure in summer. June 23-26, a group of web enthusiasts met in the mountains to exchange, share, and improve their knowhow of building and maintaining websites using the open source content management system and framework, Drupal.  

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Room

To the organizers surprise, most of the audience arrived on Thursday to participate in contribution activities as well as workshops. 

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Speaker Baddy

Thanks to our keynote speaker Baddý Sonja Breidert, the audience learned why contribution is at the core of being successful with Drupal and running a Drupal business. 

Then we moved onto a very well received workshop presented by Michael Mauch from netnode called a Lego Serious play game.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Speaker Gabor

Gábor Hojtsy, our second keynote speaker, presented about the state of Drupal 10.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Participants

Like many other DrupalCamps, the magic of Drupal Mountain Camp not only happens in the program that gets presented but between the people that meet for the first time, or after not having seen each other in a while.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Stadium Visit

For the social events, participants visited the local ice hockey stadium and also met up in the mountains for local food and hiking.

An event like Drupal Mountain Camp wouldn’t be possible without the support from many volunteers as well as sponsors.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Team

Thank you Susanne Perreijn, Mathilde Dumond, Josef Kruckenberg, Miro Dietiker, Ursin Cola, Daniel Lemon, David Pacassi Torrico, Floris van Geel, Kevin Wenger for making the event happen.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Sponsors

Thank you platform.sh for being a diamond sponsor, infomaniak and amazee.io for supporting as gold sponsors, Liip, MD Systems, soul.media. iqual, netnode, Unic, LakeDrops, Cyon, Hostpoint and Happy Coding for your support as silver sponsors.

What’s next?

Part of the team is busy organising and attending DrupalCon Europe in Prague this week. We are looking forward to organising Drupal Mountain Camp again, most likely in 2024. The Drupal Switzerland association will be hosting the general assembly before the end of the year where we want to set new goals. If you are interested in helping drive the Swiss community forward, organise events like the Splash Awards or Drupal Mountain Camp or have another idea you would like to implement, please do get in touch with us.

Drupal Mountain Camp 2022 - Group Picture

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Image credits: Patrick Itten