Join us for Drupal Mountain Camp

From March 7-10, 2024, the Drupal community from Switzerland and the world will gather in beautiful Davos for the fourth edition of Drupal Mountain Camp!

Program overview

(Sunday - Wednesday: Pre-conference)

Thursday: Workshops & Sprints, then Welcome Evening Apero & Quiz
Friday: Sessions & Sprints, then Social Event: Fondue & Sledding
Saturday: Sessions & Sprints, then Social Event: Ice Skating
Sunday: Sprints and Winter Mountain Fun

Join us for a long weekend of Open Source tech, workshops, and coworking in the mountain’s fresh wintery air - and enjoy the wonders that the Swiss mountain has to offer from snowboarding, skiing, sledding, fondue, and more!


More than just a camp

Davos and Switzerland is globally known for its mountains and activities throughout the year. We are working hard on organising all kind of activities for you. So that you get so much more than just a camp.