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Have something to share & talk about? We are looking for inspiring talks about Drupal, web development in general and more.
No matter if you are a long-term expert or you are just starting with getting your feet wet, we are interested in hearing your talk!
Multiple session submissions are welcome too!

Important dates

Session submission is open until Monday, 21st January 2019 at 23:59.
The selected sessions and the full program will be announced on Monday, 28th January 2019.

Sessions selection

Selected members from the Drupal Mountain Camp team will do an internal voting session on the proposed sessions. Factors put into consideration for the session selection process are

  • is the proposed session relevant to the conference audience?

  • do we expect the talk to meet quality standards of the conference?

  • does our session line up support the conference's desired level of diversity in terms of contents and speakers?

If you are unsure about your proposal, please don't hesitate to contact David / dpacassi directly.
We are happy to provide feedback about possible talk topics and the general agenda.

Program overview

  • Thursday: Summits, Workshops, & Sprints

  • Friday: Sessions, Workshops, & Sprints

  • Saturday: Sessions, Workshops, & Sprints

  • Sunday: Outdoor activities & Sprints

Free tickets for speakers

Every accepted session will receive maximum one free ticket to the Drupal Mountain Camp!
There is however, a limit of one ticket per person (in case of multiple sessions).

In case that you already purchased a ticket and are eligible for a free ticket, you'll get a full refund!

Slides are currently optional, if you already have your presentation slides available, then feel free to upload or link to them in the field below.
One file only.
2 GB limit.
Allowed types: txt pdf.
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